My dear friend,


You don’t want to be the emotional tampon for your “girlfriend” anymore, whose experiences with other men you know only too well, but unfortunately you don’t belong to these men?


How often have you listened to all the details of their love stories languishing?


Do you also feel like a little boy waiting for permission from mommy?


How long do you think you have to wait until she finally lets you have it?


I tell you: You can wait until you turn black! That’s the way it is. And I say this to you as your friend who would like to free you. Because it is not up to her. It is up to you and how you position yourself, how you see yourself and how you bring yourself in.


That is the key to the world that you are missing. And this key is described exactly in this book. Because I know your pain all too well. I was just like you. I was a little boy and not a man. And this is the only book on dating and seduction where every chapter accurately describes and explains the difference of the inner little boy’s view and the adult man’s view.


So that you don’t have to wait until you black out and decide to take the adult approach. So that you finally and forever transform your results with women. Because every reality and quantum leap, if once accomplished, remains stable in your life. You can’t and won’t go back then. And you don’t need it either.


Learn that women want a man and are not looking for a nice boy. Your inner boy is screwing up your chances. He takes over the helm of your actions at crucial moments and women literally flee from it. Because real men are unfortunately rare in this modern world. Increase your chances by 1000% and become one of the few real men. Nothing in the world makes you more attractive than being a self-confident man who knows what he wants and implements it.


I did that and finally life with women became unimaginably easier than ever before. I developed for myself, to break out of my own waiting universe, the “now-or-never technique.” It finally allowed me to get out of the friendzone for good.


Here are some results:




Look at the fact that I am not exceptional. I’m not particularly pretty, not well-toned, don’t have a six-pack, don’t dress overly hip. I’m an introvert, not a party animal, not a super-flash. And yet, the women at my side glow and want more closeness. Why? Because the one who wins the game is the one who has cleaned up his inner game, whose mind set is right and who takes action on the outside. Over the years and pictures you can see my transformation in the pictures. I myself look more masculine and the women look more feminine. This is not a coincidence!


That is why I like to share my experience, because I know where I come from, where I stood. And I gladly reach out to you to help you further, man!


Adult men, who live according to the principles of the inner boy, are also often described as Nice Guys. And they are exploited because they are too nice. By the way, not only by women. Also by bosses and even by friends.


Jump into your new reality. With this book.


Sandro Paolini, the author of the book SelfMade Reality, shows you how to become enormously attractive inside and out.